Celebrities, Ranked

These are the most desirable girls in show business, according to me, ranked in an overall gymnastics style system.

Charlize Theron
She's funny, very hot, and again, funny...many people won't admit it, but that's very rare for a female. After seeing her hold the lead in a comedy, she currently holds the crown.


Emilia Clarke
Much like she gathers her forces on game of thrones, Emilia seems headed for the #1 spot. Her beauty knows no bounds, and she seems perfect for me. The more I watch Game of Thrones, the better she looks.


Emmanuelle Chriqui
This girl is just my style, and her body is off the charts. Mostly known for playing Sloan in Entourage, she's the first non-blonde on the list. It was a tough call between her and Swift, rankings can fluctuate. (She could also rank up too)


Taylor Swift
Long considered the #1 prospect, Swift has dropped in the polls as my media research has progressed. No reason for the drop really, Taylor is still well beloved by me, always has been.


Zooey Deschanel
Love this girl, and she also happens to look exactly like a girl I was with for a year, so you know, it adds to the desire there. Very funny, very cool, very hot. She's currently dating someone, so she's been deranked a bit.


Hailey Williams
I've always been a huge fan of her music with Paramore. Idk what it is, but she's got that look, and the talent to go with it. She's on the board.


Kelli Goss
I'm a big fan of the show The Ranch, and this girl Kelli Goss is knockout gorgeous. Seems like I have a thing for blondes, and this one is top shelf.